Physical Activity And Exercise

Physical activity and exercise are the most important things to do to live healthy. If you use your body incorrectly, this can have unhealthy results. These results show themselves as obesity, weakness, weakness, weakness and weakness in the smallest health problems. We recommend that you consider our recommendations to make your body healthier.

Regular physical activity and exercise balances your weight gain or allows you to lose weight.
Especially children should be directed to sports, except some dangerous sports, like baseball. Baseball can disrupt joint and bone health due to hand movements.
The best exercise for kids is outdoors, outside the home.
Almost all physical activities and exercises are healthy for your body.
There is no age for exercise and sports. You can exercise no matter how old you are. Whether you’re 90 years old or 15 years old, exercise doesn’t stop counting the benefits for you and your body.
Exercise should be started gradually. First, light exercises should be preferred and gradually aggravated.
It is more useful for you to do the exercises with an interval of 10 minutes.
It is useful to do the exercise every day, on average, a 30 minute walk per day provides great benefits to the exercise every day.
Regular physical activity and exercise begin to make changes in your body and you will gain self-confidence upon your body’s development.
The regular physical activities and exercises strengthen you to do noticeable things that will work for you during the day. It allows you to make your heroism during the day, such as climbing stairs, opening the jar lid, driving, to be stronger and stronger.
Regular exercise allows you to improve yourself in subjects related to aging, calcification, muscle loss, balance and flexibility.

You don’t need to start with professional exercise to become a healthier individual. You can start with a walking exercise first. Your 30-minute walks every day will make you more fit. However, if you have the features listed below, you can consult your doctor about exercise selection.

Men over 40 and women over 50,

People who have a pressure on their chest when they get tired and feel pain in their chest, and their breathing is easily exhausted.
People who smoke
High blood pressure and diabetes patients
Those who have had a heart attack or chronic heart disease in their family.
People with the disease, such as asthma and lung disease.

Below are illustrated illustrations of simple moves you can do at home. It is enough for you to do each movement for 1-2 minutes every day, of course, the above mentioned people should consult their doctor first to do these movements.

1-Pulling legs to stomach

2- Squat (Squatting Movement)

3- opening your legs

4- Lying on your back and lifting the legs up

5- Cross shuttle movement

6- Back leg stretching

7- Right and left stretching movement

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