Recipe For Pharaoh’s Wife Cream for Skin Cracks

Recipe for Pharaoh’s

In particular, the biggest problem of people with dry skin is skin cracks. For those who have this type of skin,
need to nourish the skin with moisturizers to increase it. Dry skin that requires regular care, especially in cold weather
cracks occur. To remove these stretch marks and dry skin, Pharaoh’s Wife Cream, which can be prepared at home, is very effective. The recipe for this homemade cream, prepared with very few ingredients, is as follows:


* 1 cup of pure olive oil
* 1 small packet of wax (available from transfers)

Preparation of:

Olive oil is put in a small pot and heated on the stove. It is angered for 2-3 minutes. One-quarter of the wax taken from Aktar
It is added to olive oil. Stirring constantly, the wax is melted. When it melts completely, it can be mixed for a few more minutes and
Taken. It is placed on a cold counter and mixed once in a while and cooled. It should come to a soft creamy consistency. If this consistency has been somewhat stiff, a few drops of olive oil can be added.

Pharaoh’s wife cream has nourishing properties due to the beeswax and olive oil it contains. It is applied to clean skin while lying overnight. In the morning, warm
washed with water and rinsed. When used regularly, it moisturizes the skin, removes cracks, gives a smooth appearance.

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