What İs Stomach Ulcer

The cause of the disease, which is also known as stomach ulcers, is what we know as a stomach ulcer. The cause of this infection is a bacterium called H.pylori. In a normal person, if the stomach membrane is healthy, there is a resistance between stomach and stomach acid. In other words, the stomach is resistant to stomach acid, a very strong acid secreted for the production of nutrients. However, if this type of infection occurs in the lining of the stomach and the H.pylori bacteria is active, the lining of the stomach cannot protect against stomach acid and sores develop. If these wounds come together with stomach acid, they cause pain and enlarge the wounds. If a stomach ulcer is detected early, its treatment can be possible. In fact, this is a rule that applies to all diseases. However, advances can cause bleeding and cause serious problems. It should be remembered that stomach ulcers are not treated and can progress to stomach cancer if they progress.

Symptoms of Stomach Ulcer

stomach ulcer
There are minor symptoms at the initial stage of stomach ulcer and they may not be a problem.
There are minor symptoms at the initial stage of stomach ulcer and they may not be a problem. However, these symptoms may go until bleeding in the future.

One of the most obvious symptoms in stomach ulcers is pain. It is known that the pain seen in the upper part of the abdomen is temporary. In general, gastric and pain relief tablets are used to alleviate these pains. However, it should be remembered that these tablets do not cure the ulcer and only provide temporary relief. Remember that these pains can become aggravated and recurrent at night.

Other symptoms of ulcer are among the most common symptoms. These are vomiting, bloating, frequent burping and burning in the stomach with weight loss. The main reason of burning is stomach acid.

If bleeding has started in the stomach ulcer, dark colored stools also appear in the blood and pain in the upper abdomen is very severe. Hemorrhagic ulcer is definitely a huge problem and should be taken to health institutions by taking it seriously. It should be remembered that stomach ulcers can cause stomach cancer and gastric congestion. The stomach is one of the most vital mechanisms in a person, and even the slightest problem should be taken seriously.


Diagnosing Stomach Ulcer

Endoscopy: Generally, the examination is performed with a thin tube with a camera at the end of the mouth, and the examination of the stomach ulcer is called endoscopy.

Endoscopy is the most commonly used gastric ulcer diagnosis method. Thanks to the camera’s benefit, the location and size of the ulcer can be determined precisely and at what stage it is determined.


Bacteria Test: H.pylori bacteria are known to cause ulcers. Tests are performed for the detection of this bacterium and for this, parts are taken from the patient by biopsy method. Thus, bacteria can be detected and a full diagnosis can be made.

Biopsy: A biopsy is the process of taking a piece from the patient and examining it in a laboratory environment. As a result of this examination with a microscope, it can be determined whether the ulcer is cancerous.


Methods Used in Ulcer Treatment

Stomach Acid Regulatory Drugs: These drugs can be used and balanced in order to reduce the pain that starts as a result of secretion of stomach acid. If the disease is in its initial stage, a significant improvement can be achieved, but if it is caused by an ulcer, that is, due to bacteria, it cannot be treated with such drugs. Cleaning bacteria from the body is the only solution.

H. Pylori Induced Ulcer: It is a treatment initiated primarily for the removal of bacteria. Antibiotics are used for infection treatment and stomach acid is reduced in this process. Antacid drugs can be used.

Drug-Caused Ulcer: Frequent use of aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs can sometimes lead to ulcers. In this type of ulcer treatment, stopping the use of the drug is generally sufficient for treatment.

Surgery: Due to the detection of H.pylori bacteria, it is now considered an old method. If there is no life-threatening and urgent intervention is not required, antibiotic treatments are applied for patients.

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